The company distinguished 74 children and young people by awarding a total of 16750€ in Scholarships.

Recognize performance in school activities, encourage the pursuit of merit and strengthen the connection of future generations to the company. These are the main goals of the program School Merit Scholarship, which is assigned annually, to the employees’ children.

The School Merit Scholarship ceremony was held on September 29th at Efacec’s facilities, in a session that was attended by around 170 people.

According to Sandra Pombo, Global Director of Brand and Communication at Efacec, the School Merit Scholarship program reflects Efacec’s commitment to supporting the energy of the future. “Like other Efacec initiatives aimed at training, recruitment and retention of talent, the School Merit Scholarship program materializes our strategy of putting people at the center of the company’s development and evolution, Efacec Talent DNA Renewal, promoting gender equality, in particular what we call empowering women in tech. ”

“The company’s employees are ambassadors of the Efacec brand, bringing the values, knowledge and achievements of the company out of the facilities and to different geographies of the world where the company is. It is our concern that, from an early age, the children of our employees feel part of the company, that they know the diversity of the areas and functions that exist within the group and that they are aware of the capacity of constant innovation that the company has. We want them to see Efacec as a natural step for the development of their professional careers in the future and, for this, we encourage them to give their best in their school careers, “concludes Sandra Pombo.

In the academic year 2017/2018, Efacec awarded Scholarships for School Merit to the best students of all school years, from the 1st to the 12th year of schooling, in all geographies where it is present.

From a total of 214 applications, corresponding to children of 159 Efacec’s employees, the jury evaluated the performance of each student, selecting those who presented the best grades in each year of schooling.

The best 74 students (38 girls and 36 boys) received scholarships ranging from 100 euros (attributed to the 1st year of schooling) to 750 euros (attributed to the 12th year of schooling). In a total amount of 16750 euros, that was awarded on scholarships.