The new Porto’s Metropolitan Area bus line is already active, connecting the city’s downtown to the Efacec facilities in Arroteia, Leça do Balio. Efacec contributed and supported the development of this new route, that will bring a range of benefits to Efacec’s employees. The 128 is fast, easy access and flexible. The inauguration trip took place yesterday and a press conference was held in line’s final stop: Lionesa Center.

What if it was possible to get from Porto’s downtown to Efacec hub in Arroteia in 10 minutes, using only public transportation? This new route is the result of a combined effort of both Matosinhos Town Council and ViaMove, and will offer a new mobility solution to all Efacec’s employees in their daily transportation routines, in a more affordable and eco-friendly way. “It is indeed an honor for Efacec to be associated with this project, that represents an investment in our best asset: the people. There is a vast range of benefits in the use of this bus line for all the employees, and for the company as well. The creation of this new route translates our will to support the municipalities in the upgrade of transport infrastructures, transforming cities into smart and sustainable eco-systems.”, said Ângelo Ramalho, Efacec’s CEO.

The 128 bus line intends to satisfy a preexistent need: to serve the city council inhabitants and more than ten thousand workers of the business area located in the slopes of the Via Norte motorway. From Monday to Friday, Efacec’s employees will be able to choose between 18 daily bus departures. The new line is part of the Andante system and will benefit of all the advantages of the universal bus pass.

Part of the Matosinhos project for the requalification of public transports, and following the United Nations guidance for the development of a safer and more sustainable public transportation network across the globe,  this new bus line will connect the railway network (São Bento train station) with all the Metro lines and road lines in the downtown of Porto.