After Ad Diriyah and Marrakesh, Santiago de Chile was the stage for the 3rd race of the Formula E calendar, which took place on January 26th.

Chile is one of the Efacec’s main markets in Latin America. Recognized for the development of photovoltaic power plants and the supply of substations associated with power generation, transport, and distribution. San Pedro de Atacama Solar Park is the most emblematic project in the country, with more than 186 thousand photovoltaic panels, 51 inverters and annual electricity production of 170GWh.

Efacec’s footprint in Chile

Located on the outskirts of San Pedro de Atacama, the San Pedro de Atacama solar park was a challenge for Efacec. The company developed a turnkey EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) solution, which integrated detail including construction works, archaeological studies and detailed survey of the terrain.

This project led Efacec to find innovative solutions to overcome the difficulties in the field, namely the release of dust from the mine area. Efacec developed in its facilities in Portugal a robot to clean, without water, the solar panels. This project won an innovation prize.

Still, in the field of solar energy, Efacec developed La Blanquina solar park, located in O’Higgins region, which occupies an area of about 20 non-agricultural hectares and will produce annually more than 26GWh, an equivalent to the energy consumption of more than 9 thousand Chilean homes, annually.

Efacec has a local team of 29 people and it is developing a strategic plan in order to expand its business in the country and to place Chile as a platform to reach business opportunities in countries such as Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Since 2018 Efacec has been reinforcing its local presence and capabilities for Automation projects to power transport and distribution grids, maintain also its strategic presence in the Transformers and Switchgear segments. Electric Mobility is a strategic bussiness for Efacec in Chile, a market with a high potential in this segment that looks very promising for the future.

Pioneer in the Electric Mobility and a world leader in the production of ultra-fast chargers.

Efacec offers a full range of Electric Vehicles Chargers for private, public, fast, ultra-fast and wireless segments. Features such as innovation and high performance reflect a product portfolio in continuous development covering the most demanding and emerging market needs.

Efacec develops charging stations with complimentary equipment, such as transformers and electrical panels, offering complete solutions. Installation of equipment, maintenance contracts, grid management software, energy storage, charging management and integration with renewable energy are just some of Efacec’s capabilities to offer integrated digital solutions for charging infrastructure management. Both cloud or on-premises options offers options with direct charger connectivity.

The company actively participates in the largest markets for electric mobility, especially in Europe and the United States. Efacec is also attentive to other markets such as Asia, Latin America and Oceania, leading the sector in some countries in the region.