Efacec, in partnership with Alexandre Barbosa Borges (ABB) and Névoa, was awarded the contract for the Design-Build of the new sewage outfall and Braga WWTP, in Vale Este, being AGERE – Entidade Gestora de Águas e Resíduos do Município de Braga the contractor authority.
The construction of this WWTP, with an effluent treatment capacity of around 200,000 equivalent inhabitants, will improve the Wastewater Treatment System in Braga municipality.

The solution for the WWTP aims the construction of a sustainable installation, through the selection of technologies and equipment that promote energy efficiency, reuse of treated effluent, reduction of waste production and consequent reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

The selected treatment process is based on a secondary treatment using activated sludge, carried out in biological reactors with nutrients removal, followed by a tertiary treatment consisting of UV disinfection. Sludge treatment includes an anaerobic digestion stage with biogas recovery for energy production, high-performance mechanical dewatering followed by a solar drying system.

It is with great enthusiasm that Efacec embraces this new project that represents another step towards achieving the goals defined in Sustainable Development Goal 6 (ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all). At the same time, reinforces Efacec’s position as one of the main players at national level in the water treatment sector.