Our suppliers are key partners in the value chain of our business, helping us to ensure the delivery of cutting edge technology products and services and to prevent the risk associated with the quality and reliability of what we deliver.

Being an Efacec partner also means to agree with the sustainability values and principles defined in our Sustainability Policy. The economic, environmental and social aspects must always be considered in all business decisions.

Among the values of our Sustainability Policy we highlight ethics, transparency and trust as the key factors which guide mutual relationship with partners and which lead to the maintenance of stable and lasting relations, as well as to the improvement of competitiveness based on differentiation and customization os solutions.

That’s why, every day, we encourage and support our suppliers to implement a policy of continuous development of innovative products and solutions.

A key instrument for this development is the suppliers’ evaluation we make, which is based on four uniform criteria:

  • Deadline;
  • Quality of products and services provided;
  • Competitiveness;
  • Quality of service/availability for problem-solving.

To streamline the relationship with our suppliers, we make available the e-purchasing platform efasst, which covers all the activities of the purchase process, from the electronic consultation to the order confirmation.

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How to register?

How to register?

If you are not yet an Efacec Supplier, you have to register yourself by completing the following steps:

The first step of the Pre-Registration is the Creation of the User Account, which will generate your password to access efasst. In the Private Area of this website, you will have to fill out the required forms.

To complete the Pre-Registration process in the Efacec Suppliers Portal, you will have to fill in the mandatory fields and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use.

After completing the Pre-Registration process, a model of a Document of Validation with the previously inserted data will be available on efasst. At this step, you should download the document that you will later send to Efacec, stamped and signed by a legal representative of the company. This document may be sent to Efacec through its upload to efasst, by letter, fax or e-mail to the Contacts listed in the Validation Document .

Sending the Validation Document is a mandatory step; should this not be done within 60 days, the registration will be cancelled.

After sending the Document of Validation, Efacec will proceed with its authentication.

Should Efacec be interested, you will be asked to complete a second phase of registration. This phase is mandatory for the issuing of Purchasing Orders and it gathers specific and private information from your company. However, this registration does not imply any contractual obligation with Efacec and, therefore, it does not cover any right or exclusivity to proposals, negotiations or contract awards.

After internal validation of the new data registered, your status will be changed and you will be notified (via e-mail) of the completion of the registration in our database.

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Useful Documents

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Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All registration steps are mandatory to belong to our database of Suppliers or potential Suppliers.

In the first stage you must pre-register where you will be asked for general data of the company that represents.

For current Efacec Suppliers the procedure is different from those that are not yet registered in our Suppliers Portal. Your data has already been pre-filled by Efacec. In order to access the portal you only need to validate the data entered as well as identify the email account that will manage your account. For this you should:

  1. Request the sending of the Validation Document to identifying yourself by the company name and / or tax identification number.
  2. Validate the document by signing and stamping a legal representative of the company. Sending the validated document to Efacec can be done by letter, fax or email to the contacts indicated in the Validation Document.
  3. After this validation you will be granted access to the portal so that you can complete your registration data.

Registration in efasst does not imply any registration payment or annual usage fee.

The registration is only intended to be recognized as current or potential Supplier of Efacec. It does not give you any right to enter into contractual relations with Efacec or even the right to consultation, which will be reserved for Efacec.

To recover your password you must click on “ACCESS THE PLATFORM” and then on “Recover password?“.
If you do not remember your user you can request this information through one of our means of contact.


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