For advanced dye-sensitized solar cell sealing technologies for indoor applications

Efacec and G-LYTE have recently signed a licensing agreement for a patent on advanced sealing techniques for dye-sensitized solar cells, registered by the Portuguese company, for use by the French company in indoor applications.

The invention object of this contract is a low-temperature glass sealing technology that will provide the devices with greater durability and efficiency (over 15 years), making it possible to scale up the manufacturing process of these devices so that they can enter the market.

This process follows the long-standing collaboration between Efacec and the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP), in particular the LEPABE laboratory, under the leadership of Professor Adélio Mendes.

The collaboration began in 2008 and has enabled the development of innovative and patented technologies for dye-sensitized solar cells (DSCs), especially in terms of their durability and efficiency when used indoors and their applicability in electronic devices to replace or limit the use of batteries.

The agreement, now formalized, demonstrates the importance of collaboration between the scientific and technological community and companies in creating value through the transformation of scientific knowledge into technological innovation, and that its protection at the international level plays a key role in safeguarding the value of the resulting intangible assets.

In this case, the technical invention took place more than a decade ago. Still, its potential to reach the market is only now emerging, as the IoT is growing exponentially and its application is becoming more widespread, making it vital to capture energy where low-energy sensing is to be carried out.

It is within this window of opportunity of the widespread use of IoT devices in enclosed spaces that G-LYTE believes there is greater business potential and that by increasing the reliability of its devices with the technology now licensed by Efacec, it will succeed in conquering the market and generating value.
This licence agreement strengthens the collaboration between these entities and represents a significant step forward in using DSC technology indoors, in line with global sustainability and energy efficiency objectives.
This strengthens Efacec’s commitment to technological innovation generated in co-creation with SCT partners and to contribute to a more sustainable and efficient future by applying cutting-edge technologies and advanced engineering practices to its products and systems.