Efacec’s activity in France, in the Power Transformer sector, has just been strengthened with the celebration of a new contract with RTE, France’s Transmission System Operator, for the modernization and development of the electricity grid.

The new contract follows on from a close commercial relationship of more than 10 years with RTE and will be carried out under a multi-year contract programme, scheduled to run until 2028, surpassing dozens of millions of euros.

The contract includes the manufacture, supply, and installation of several dozen power transformers, EcoDesign Tier 2 from 100MVA 155kV to 170MVA 235kV, which stand out for integrating complex solutions from a technical point of view, meeting the market’s most demanding sustainability requirements, namely through the usage of bio-degradable oils (more than 40 per cent of each piece of equipment). These transformers will be supplied for the transmission of the French electricity grid.

With more than 8000MVA of transformers in operation in French utilities (DSO & TSO), with several projects developed for the supply of almost 100 power transformers, Efacec consolidates its position in this strategic European market.

“RTE has once again placed its trust in Efacec for the modernization of the French electricity grid, which we see as a positive reinforcement of our position as RTE’s technological partner of reference, strengthening a long-standing partnership based on Efacec’s continuous investment in innovation, technology and client satisfaction. At the same time, we have strengthened our position in France, where Efacec has more than 100 million euros in contracts celebrated in the last two years with the various utilities operating in the French market.”, stated Michael Silva, Efacec’s Chief Commercial Officer.