Efacec was selected in international tender by the French Electricity Transport System Operator (RTE) to develop, produce and install a 225kV, 543MVA phase-shifter transformer in the French Alps.

This is a unique equipment, both for its technological complexity and size, and is an asset of added value for energy system operators ensuring a safer, more efficient, and resilient management of their networks. In addition, it enables a greater integration between various energy sources. Namely, energies of renewable origin that are in strong expansion in France and in the European continent.

Critical for the future of the continent due to the possibility of integrating different energy sources, this type of transformer, of high technological complexity, consists of two large, interconnected units and will be installed in the 225kV substation of Montgros, located 150 km north of Montpellier, at an altitude of 1,000 meters. This is a region of strong renewable production with major transport and space limitations.

Efacec responded to these requirements with the innovative solution of Shell-type Dissociated-Phases transformers, developed 100% by Efacec, based on its technology portfolio and the unique skills, knowledge and experience of its teams in developing and delivering solutions geared towards highly demanding and complex markets and environments. With development and execution forecasted for two years, this project will involve dozens of highly qualified technicians from Efacec, organized between project and technological development and execution specialists, namely in highly challenging environments in terms of location.

“By winning this tender, Efacec sees once again the confidence in its technological development and execution capabilities confirmed by a European network operator of reference. We participated, along with prestigious international players, in a very demanding tender, for which the RTE engineering department established complex specifications of high technical value, adapted to the requirements of its networks”, explains Michael Silva, Executive Director of Efacec, in charge of Sales.

This new project strengthens Efacec’s position in France, where it has more than 100 million euros in contracts signed over the last two years for transformers with various utilities in the French market.

Since 2000, Efacec has already installed various Shell-type Dissociated-Phases transformer solutions in countries such as the USA, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, United Kingdom (Scotland), Spain and Portugal.

In France, Efacec has been present for over 30 years, progressively developing projects in the areas of Switchgear, Transformers, Automation, Electric Mobility and Service.

About RTE

RTE, operator of the French electricity transmission system, manages electricity flows and the balance between production and consumption in real-time. RTE maintains and develops the high and very high voltage network (from 63,000 to 400,000 volts) which comprises around 100,000 kilometres of overhead lines, 7,000 kilometres of underground lines, 2,900 electrical substations in operation or cooperation and 51 cross-border lines. The French network, which is the most extensive in Europe, is interconnected with 33 countries.