Efacec will take part in the CIGRE Technical Exhibition from 29 August to 2 September. The return to a face-to-face format, at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, is eagerly awaited at what is the largest meeting of the international electrical sector, where the latest innovations will be presented.

This event is an opportunity for Efacec to strengthen its position in this sector, focusing on the areas of automation, transformers, and service.

Within the scope of Automation, in the latest edition of CIGRE, Efacec officially launched its complete solution for digital substations, intended for electric power substations. Now it presents a more mature solution with solid references in the market, consisting of the products Scatex Grid REMS, Scatex Grid ADMS, Protection and Control IEDS and MCU500.

This solution, which integrates new sensors, advanced protection, and control units, as well as digital asset management solutions, provides new levels of efficiency in the life cycle of the electrical system, from design, installation and commissioning to operation and maintenance of the system.

In the Transformers area, a sector where Efacec is a worldwide reference in the design and manufacture of power & distribution transformers and mobile substation, the Modular Core Transformer, will be in the spotlight. Awarded by the Red Dot Awards in 2021, for managing the combination of a good design with a complex industrial product, which allows the same equipment to receive new features at the pace of customer needs. Walking towards the future: a sustainable solution, prepared for the new features brought by digitalization.

Within the scope of Service, Efacec provides a wide range of highly specialised improved energy, environment, and mobility solutions, incubating and leveraging innovation throughout the life cycle of the equipment, with services and solutions for all market segments, strongly focusing on the digital management of assets that allow increasing the reliability, visibility, productivity, and sustainability of operations.

CIGRE is part of a global community committed to the collaborative development and knowledge sharing on energy systems, in which Efacec has participated since 2002.