Efacec’s technology and know-how lead Chilean customers to trust Efacec again for the expansion and strengthening of the national electricity system

Chilean customers Abengoa and Cobra have again placed their trust in the quality of the work carried out by Efacec and signed two new contracts for the execution of two substation projects, worth 1.5 M€.

For Abengoa, Efacec is responsible for developing a new 110/23kV substation in the Colina region, which integrates a control system and electric power networks, a project that aims to supply power to a new data processing centre, still under construction, with an estimated maximum power of 40MW.

For Cobra, Efacec will be responsible for contributing to the expansion and strengthening of Chile’s national electricity system. This second contract is based on the expansion of the Runge, Molina Pumahue, Gorbea, Victoria and Picarte substations, with the Portuguese company in charge of the control and protection system.

“We believe that the success of the previous jobs we have carried out for Cobra and Abengoa made them trust Efacec once again. Cobra has valued our technology for the development of these projects. With Abengoa, Efacec obtained a remarkable technical valorisation in previous projects that leveraged this new work, also due to the good results obtained previously between the work teams of both companies.” says Patricio Pereda, Efacec’s commercial manager for Automation in Chile.