On January 31st, at the Efacec hub in Maia, the Automation team presented the DEMOCRAT project. The result of the project consists of a demonstrator of Efacec solutions for microgrid, with integration of electrical energy storage assets. These solutions promise to bring advantages and benefits in terms of sustainability. The project was co-financed by the COMPETE 2020 program, within the framework of the Portugal 2020 framework program.

The event brought together about 60 people, including partners, customers and employees from the several areas of Efacec. We highlight the presence of representatives of Agência Nacional de Inovação, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, EDP Inovação, Vale d’Este Electric Cooperative (CEVE), Azores Electricity (EDA), Lablec, Vestas, Voltália and REN, as well as Efacec employees from the Automation, Renewables, Technology and Corporate Services areas.

The result of the DEMOCRAT project consists of a system that demonstrates solutions for microgrids, with integration of electrical energy storage assets. The implemented solutions make it possible to provide the microgrids with increased resilience, as well as rationalize and make the consumption of electricity more efficient. Additionally, it allows for greater integration of generation from renewable sources, as well as energy assets for charging electric vehicles.

The event was also attended by João Aleixo, from EDA, as a guest speaker, who talked about microgrids, sharing the experience and perspective of EDA.

“The construction of a more sustainable and economically decarbonized society is one of Efacec’s central concerns, whose strategic goals are well defined and aligned with national and European guidelines.”, explains Alberto Bernardo, one of the responsibles for the DEMOCRAT project.

The demonstrator of the DEMOCRAT project is installed in the Maia hub. It is a real testbed that can be used to demonstrate Efacec’s solutions for microgrids, namely of energy storage, to partners and customers. This testbed can also leverage synergies with partners from industry or academia, in favor of R&D projects funded by national or European framework programs.

The development of the DEMOCRAT project meets Efacec’s strategic plan for the area of ​​technology and innovation, resulting from a direct investment by the company in projects financed by national and European framework programs to encourage technological innovation.

This new project reinforces Efacec’s portfolio in the area of ​​smart grids and energy storage systems, impacting power conversion and energy management solutions, with particular adaptation to microgrids.

All information about the DEMOCRAT project is available at: http://www.democrat-project.efacec.com/