We offer a full range of power and traction, signaling and rail safety, telematics and telecommunication systems for Railways, Metros and Light Rails, Road Transportation, Harbors and Infrastructures for Telecommunication Operators. Our solutions are technologically advanced, energy efficient and fully designed and developed in-house.

In 2018 we started the development of a new level crossing protection system. We created the XBarrier100 solution, a level crossing barrier mechanism that is both functional, safe and aesthetically stimulating, with an innovative approach in the field of critical railway safety systems, already installed by Efacec in the Swedish Railways.


With the new Efacec’ s innovative integrated modular system concept – launched in 2020 – the XBarrier100 was awarded with the Red Dot Design Award, the most prestigious design competition in the world.

Organized by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen (Germany), Efacec was distinguished in the Product Design 2021 category for its aesthetic richness, design impact, advanced digital features and contribution to the reduction of the carbon footprint.

This award reinforces the company’s commitment to excellence, putting Portugal on the route of the best industrial design of the world.



Light Rail

Road Traffic


Harbors & Ports

Efacec Participations:

  • Control Center (all systems required for operation)
  • SCADA (technical supervision and energy automation)
  • Vehicle location and fleet management system (including equipment on board the vehicles)
  • Communication Systems – Fibre and Radio
  • Railway signalling system
  • Public information (visual and sound)
  • Video surveillance
  • Telephony
  • Access and intrusion control
  • Catenary
  • Traction substations

Signalling and Rail Safety

SIL4 signalling solution (AEGIS by EFACEC®)

  • Open and modular architecture
  • Market standard HW (COTS)
  • Interlocking SW independent from HW

Level Crossing (XSafe by EFACEC®)

  • SIL4 PLC-based level crossing
  • Integration with different signalling systems

Traction and Power

  • Traction substations
  • Compact/ Mobile substation
  • Substations control systems
  • Catenary systems
  • Auxiliary power supply systems
  • Tunnel ventilation

Command & Control

EFARAIL®: Operation and Management platform for railways, metros and light rails integrating:

  • Security Systems
  • Operational Management Systems
  • Railway Command and Control Systems
  • Communications

Telematics & Telecommunication

TimeKeeper by EFACEC®

  • Vehicle Location and Operation Support System


  • Depot Management System


  • Public Information (visual, sound, onboard)
  • Security systems

Infrastructures and Telecommunications Network