Around 2 000 people work at Efacec in Portugal
and across 20 countries all over the world

They are building
every day, with each of their actions,
our company.

They are our greatest asset and the guarantee of our success.

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We Promote

The pride and satisfaction of being Efacec.

The values of Reliability, Sustainability, Expertise, Boldness, Humanity.

Opportunities of personal and professional development in
attractive and multicultural environments.

Fair and equitable processes, performance evaluation,
recognition, reward and sharing generated value.

The balance between professional life and the time
dedicated to our families.

Security, welfare and mutual respect.

We Support

The development
of individual and professional
competences, autonomy
and decision-making capacity

We Assure

Freedom of association.
Compliance with legal and regulatory standards
applicable to our activity.

We Reject

Any type of discrimination
and child or forced labour.

Because this is
our belief
and because we respect
the requirements of
ILO and Human Rights.


We know that for those who just come in our company,
good orientation and integration are key steps
to reach good individual results
and to contribute to better organizational performance.

To this goal, we developed a orientation and integration process
that swiftly promotes knowledge
of our history, culture and business.

It also promotes knowledge of our main rules,
procedures and behavior patterns, that
we subscribe and are listed in
Code of Conduct and Personal Ethics


We believe that the internal mobility,
provides professional development opportunities
and helps to meet the operational needs
of human resources of every business.

It allows to retain the talent and know-how,
reuse investment in training and
promote a climate of greater engagement
between the employee and the company.

So we encourage the Recruitment and Internal Mobility,
rule-based and with well-defined criteria.

Mast3r Academy

Established in 2010 it is the managing entity of the areas of Learning and Development,
partnerships with universities and schools, and the Orientation and Integration
of new employees and trainees.

Through its various activities, it promotes the development of competencies,
supports talent management processes and employee retention,
fostering a sense of engagement with the company.