Developed with a focus on ensuring customer availability

Efacec presents the new QC180 high-power electric charger to the national and international market, the first of a set of new products that will be presented during 2024 and 2025, setting the pace for a boosted innovation-driven phase in Electric Mobility.

Now available for order, the QC180 is an all-in-one high-power charging solution based on the modular principles of Efacec (Modular Systems), developed with total focus on ensuring customer availability by incorporating an active monitoring and remote upgrade system, thus enabling a more efficient and reliable operation.

More powerful, more compact, more sustainable and with a new design, the new Efacec charger is Plug and Charge ready, allows for simultaneous charging of up to 180kW and providing up to 350A (dry cable), and includes an independent remote connection for maintenance and asset management, as well as a credit card payment terminal. It also enables integration with Efacec’s Load Management System (LMS), a tool that allows operators to manage station power at the installation site.

Additionally, the new high-power charger provides more customer and network operation support, optimizing the maintenance of the installed base, while also meeting the needs of the end user in terms of power, load availability and effortless cable management (handling).

More than 140 employees were involved in the development of this new product that expands the current range of electric mobility solutions on this segment line, which already includes the QC60, QC90 and QC120, leveraging the expansion of activity in pivotal European markets and contributing to the decarbonisation of electrification and a greater circularity.

“Our technological roadmap is a clear demonstration of Efacec’s commitment to meet the biggest challenges of a vital sector for the societies of the future. It not only reinforces our current portfolio, but also demonstrates that the company has the right technical skills to develop innovative products and solutions in Electric Mobility, and that we continue to be fully committed to R&D projects, where Efacec has invested more than 18% of our revenues during the last couples of years”, states Nuno Delgado, Electric Mobility Director of Efacec.

With new product launches scheduled throughout 2024 and 2025, Efacec demonstrates its commitment to the development of innovative solutions that actively contribute to the creation of a more sustainable future, reinforcing its profile as a pioneering brand in the Electric Mobility sector and a global key player towards economy decarbonization.

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