At the “To The Future, Fast” event, Efacec presented today for all markets the new electric mobility solutions with the creation of more sustainable products and prepared for digitization and industry 4.0.

In constant innovation of its solutions and products, Efacec presents the new products of Efacec Electric Mobility that are based on the principle of modular systems, patented and applied by the company, for the first time, in December 2020, in a product from Transformers area, Transformer Core 40MVA, that reinforces Efacec’s innovation and permanent pioneering role in electric mobility.

The new solutions presented for Electric Mobility meet the greatest demands of an industry that marks the future of societies, and which is crucial for a more sustainable world.

The functionality of these products are enhanced with digital connectivity, environmental gains by offering more solutions of electric charging, with smaller volumetric footprint, focusing in reliability, durability and high performance, these are some of the advantages for the customers and final users.

The products launched have more design, more control, more power, more versatility and flexibility, dynamic management, reducing the charging time  and simplifying maintenance.

In the AC charge segment developed for any user, public or private, the new generation of our Public Charger offers robust and reliable solutions, more compact, competitive and customizable.

Efacec extended the HV350 range, a solution for the high-powered ultra-fast charger segment, 350 kW, capable of charging all electric vehicles. Reliable, robust and with flexible customization, the HV350 G2 provides our customers with several functionalities, developed in order to keep up with the new technological and operational challenges of  the energy infrastructure in the electric mobility sector.

In the fast charger segment, it was presented the new platform QC that includes QC60/QC90/QC120.

Efacec´s R&D team has also developed a new digital charger and charging network management tool – EV Core – Charging Point Management System. The Efacec’s digital solution, already implemented in several prestigious national and international customers, from different sectors, allows an effective and customized response to each customer´s needs. With this solution, the customer may manage their entire EV fleets,  with a scalable platform, ensuring compatibility with future products and built according to data needs of each customer.

All these charging solutions allow the integration with Efacec’s Load Management system (LMS), a tool that allows todynamically manage the use of power stations on site, dynamic management with Smart meters as well as integration with CPMS / OCPP and web-based HMI.

The event was attended by António Félix da Costa, World Champion driver of the DS Techeetah Formula E team, that analyzed the evolution of the application of electric mobility in automobile competition and the importance of creating more sustainable solutions that accelerate the change of paradigm from fuel to electric.

In a conversation with Ângelo Ramalho, Efacec’s Chairman and CEO, António Félix da Costa highlighted Efacec’s support for DS TECHEETAH team, transmitting that last year’s victory was only possible due to teamwork and stablished partnerships. In addition, António Félix da Costa recognized the pioneering spirit of the company in the development of innovative solutions that actively contribute to the creation of a more sustainable future and that make electric mobility an increasingly closer reality to all citizens.

Motivated for the seventh season of the championship, António Félix starts the defence of the Formula E title in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia tomorrow, “calm and very confident” after “a very well preparation with the team”.

About the modular system

Applied to new products, the modular system allows each equipment to receive new features and focuses on Customer Centricity, Decarbonization and circular economy, continuing the path of innovation that began in 2009.

This concept allowers to explore new functionalities and applications in digital wires management and equipment. With the modular system Efacec applies for the first time to Red Dot Awards, the most prestigious design competition, with two products launched in 2020.