Efacec’s Sustainability Policy

Efacec’s Sustainability Policy is
an integrative document created with the goal of
guiding all employees in decision-making and in the way they work.
This document is applied to the entire company.

Our business management actions and practices
must be based on the three dimensions of Sustainability:
Governance, Environmental and Social,
which constitute the essential principles for the fulfillment
of the objectives and for the creation of a sustainable business.


Comply with the best governance practices in all management activities, by promoting ethical decision-making, risk management, compliance with regulations and transparency in the disclosure of information, always respecting stakeholders and seeking continuous improvement in the management system. We must ensure that, in all activities, we perform our duties in accordance with the ethical principles.

Our ambition and lines of action are organized into the following themes:

→ Ethics, Integrity and Transparency
→ Resilience and Risk Management
→ Respect for Regulations
→ Innovation and Quality


Address global environmental challenges, either through responsible management of operations, protecting the environment and preventing pollution, or by developing environmentally friendly solutions. It is essential to promote the continuous improvement of our processes and solutions through the identification and assessment of environmental risks in all activities, as well as defining actions to mitigate negative impacts.

Our ambition and lines of action are organized into the following themes:

→ Decarbonization
→ Circularity
→ Biodiversity


Align our strategies and the conduct of all operations with the Universal Principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), proactively taking measures that promote the development of society. We must identify and manage business impacts, both positive and negative, in order to promote a healthy work environment, inside and outside our facilities.

Our ambition and lines of action are organized into the following themes:

→ Human Rights
→ Health and Safety
→ Welfare
→ Community Engagement

Efacec’s business strategy is based on the commitment to Sustainable Development.

As a technological company that develops products, solutions and services
for Energy, Environment and Mobility, we believe that we can respond to global, environmental and social challenges,
conducting our activities to create value for all stakeholders while contributing
to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.