We strengthen our citizenship by establishing cooperation ties
and involvement with society.

We seek, through our actions, and proactive response to the requests we receive,
meet the aspirations of different stakeholders and sustainable initiatives.
We therefore are recognized

Management System QAS + IDI

ISO 9001

Efacec Contracting Central Europe, GMBH | Efacec Praha | Power Solutions Brasil | Efacec Switchgear India | Efacec Energia, Máquinas e Equipamentos Eléctricos – Sucursal España

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001, NP 4457, IRIS

Efacec Engenharia e Sistemas, S.A. Unidade de Negócios Transportes

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001, NP 4457

Efacec Energia, Máquinas e Equipamentos Eléctricos, S. A. Unidade de Negócios Aparelhagem | Unidade de Negócios Automação | Efacec Electric Mobility, S.A. Unidade de Negócios Sistemas de Electrónica

Public Recognition
The most significant of the last decade

Randstad Portugal

Randstad Award
TOP20 the most attractive enterprises
to work in Portugal

Heidrick & Struggles/Diário Económico

Sustainable Development Award
1st Plare


Security Award – Substations Maintenance

Associação Portuguesa para a Qualidade

Improvement Teams Award

COTEC/ Unicer

Innovation Award
Electric Charger QC 50


Energy Efficiency Awards
Most Efficient Company Award

Environment Portuguese Agency /other partners

European Business Awards for the Environment
Innovation to Sustainability in Portugal Award

AESE Business School/PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Company and Organization Citizenship Award
1st Place – Product Sector


Corporate Social Responsibility Award

Order of Engineers

Engineer Academy Award


Most Family Responsible Company Award
1st Place shared with EDP

Since our establishment we incorporate
environmental and social elements in the company’s management.
Feeling the need to integrate and reinforce these elements,
we started in 2004 a formal Sustainability program

In the same year, we became members of BCSD Portugal,
Portuguese subsidiary of Business Council for Sustainable Development,
making public our commitment with Sustainability.

Our sustainability program is currently
a decisive factor for orientation and balance for all
the policies and strategies of Efacec.
Assumes an irreproachable ethical corporate behavior,
which is described through our Codes of Conduct,
Policies, Values and Corporate Principles.

We have adopted and adapted the model 3Ps (profits, planet, people)
to our needs, so we express clearly and unequivocally,
our bets on a better future for humanity.
We designated this internal model as 2 X 3Ps,
and this has become one of the reference
structures for setting our goals and targets.

In the economic area we recognize the need for new approaches
to markets and customer loyalty,
as a way to guarantee the necessary revenues from our activities.
We introduce practices and risk management systems
that our projects are exposed to,
and the habit of managing systematically and rigorously all our resources.
We systematically improve our processes,
using recognized methodologies as Lean and Kaizen,
and maintaining incentive programs, capture, management
and recognition of creativity from our employees

With regard to the environment,
we have integrated several call value chains of the Green Economy.
Currently, all new products are developed
in order to provide greater energy
and carbonic efficiency during their use.
On the other hand, we can provide
the rehabilitation of most of our products
(and equivalent products from competition),
activity which allows the reuse a significant part of the original materials used.
The environmental impacts of our activities are
constantly monitored and subject to continuous improvement

In the human area, we respect all human rights as defined by various international organizations
and we provide excellent working conditions and safety for our employees.

We maintain assessment processes and systematic development of skills.

We contribute to healthy lifestyles by supporting our associations.

 With regard to relations with our communities and society in general,
we intend to intervene and contribute to its development.
We support their causes in various ways and encourage our employees
to participate voluntarily in their activities.

We also want to establish and maintain strong partnerships with scientific, educational, cultural and social institutions,
and we support a few dozen of the most representative entities of the associative movement in Portugal.