Efacec has signed a partnership with Nester, the research and development center created by REN and the State Grid Corporation of China, at this year’s Cigré. The two entities signed a confidentiality agreement to exchange knowledge and data to anticipate the second phase of the substation project of the future.

Having already worked with REN on several projects, this agreement not only strengthens the existing partnership but also materializes Efacec’s commitment to the development of future technologies for digital substations.

Substations are now evolving from the traditional concept of protection and control to fully digital solutions, including station-bus and process-bus scanning, asset management, and cybersecurity. Efacec is actively involved in this transition, including new features in its automation products such as the UC 500 and the TPU 500 series products.

During the CIGRÉ 2018, new products such as the MCU 500 and System-Point were also launched. These secure, high-performance solutions for digital substations incorporate flexible management and configuration methods and are therefore applicable to a wide variety of system architectures.

Efacec creates value in the energy sector by developing high-tech integrated solutions for power generation, transmission, and distribution. Its products and systems are present in more than 60 countries. With a continuous focus on innovation, Efacec develops products and systems for the different phases of the energy sector’s value chain (transformers, switchgear, and control). In parallel, it is a provider of high-level maintenance services for the energy sector.