The challenge proposed by Efacec – Smart Digital Transformer Management Solution – was one of seven selected by the consortium formed by the Technology Centers INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, TNO – Innovation for Life, Steinbeis 2i GmbH and RINA and the agency Vitamina, under the first round of challenges of the European Project PITCCH (Pan-European Open Innovation Network for Corporate Challenges in advanced technologies), funded by Horizon 2020, which aims to promote effective collaboration between large companies (technology seekers) and SMEs and start-ups (technology providers) for the development of innovative and technologically differentiated solutions. The PITCCH can therefore be seen as an international collaborative platform that aims to boost open innovation.

Efacec was the only Portuguese company among the seven selected, thanks to the expertise and know-how of its teams. The “Smart Digital Transformer Management Solution” is a disruptive digital asset management solution for transformers and involved, in a collaborative co-creation effort, three business areas: Service, Automation and Transformers, and the start-up IZUM. Along with the international giants, Efacec’s innovation and technology are assessed across borders.

The project is now in its final stage of development, with an Alfa prototype being tested. In addition, the Beta prototype is also under development, which aims to pre-industrialize the solution and will be tested in the laboratory to be later installed in an industrial environment.

According to Ricardo Ribeiro, head of R&D and Efacec’s Digital Asset Management project: “We are very proud to have come this far, competing with leading companies in the field of technological innovation. This achievement attests to Efacec’s commitment to an increasingly aggregating innovation. And the “Smart Digital Transformer Management Solution” is one of them”.

For 2022, the goal is to launch the first version of the industrialized product.

This participation is part of the Portuguese company’s commitment to open innovation and the promotion of collaborative work, based on the launch of the platform – Home of Open Innovation, in April 2021. The open innovation platform captivated the interest and involvement of several entrepreneurs, start-ups, researchers, SMEs, customers, employees, partners, who participated in the co-creation of solutions in the areas of energy, mobility, and environment.


About Efacec

With a comprehensive presence in the Energy, Mobility and Environment value chain, Efacec operates as a supplier of solutions and integrated EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) systems and O&M (Operations & Maintenance) services partner. Efacec is present in strategic markets such as Europe, the United States, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, the Maghreb and Sub-Saharan Africa.