Efacec has just given a new step in the electric mobility field with the development a new fast charger for electric vehicles, called QC45 Generation 2. This charging station is the 2nd generation of the company’s fast charger bestseller, with significant improvements in software and hardware domains. The official presentation of this product will take place on May 21st in Lyon, France, at the EVS32 Fair.

With close to 4.000 fast charging equipment spread across five continents, mostly on the European and American continents, Efacec invests in the continuous evolution of its products to meet the current and future needs of the user of EV.

QC45 Generation 2 charger is characterized by usability, with better HMI design and improvement in the identification of the connectors; easy to maintain, with easier front access and to the components; new design, more urban, futuristic and high-tech and a layout that benefits the optimization of space, allowing the chargers to be placed side by side due the ventilation is no longer on the side as was the previous version of the QC45 charger.

The innovation and differentiating features visible in QC45 Generation 2 charger represent a new approach of Efacec in the fast charging field and will be present in all products of this line.


QC45 Generation 2 Main features:

– Fast-charge any compatible with all brands of electric vehicles

– 0 to 80% charge in less than 30 minutes

 – Simple plug & play installation

– DC power up to 50 kW

– AC power: 22 kVA

– Multiple standards: CHAdeMO, CCS e AC

– DC and AC simultaneous charging

 – TFT color display (optional touch screen)

– Network integration (OCPP or proprietary protocol)

– Built-in communications (4G, LAN, Wi-Fi)

– Optional 2-piece configuration (user/kiosk interface)


QC45G2 applications:

– Highways and national roads

– Fuel-stations (city and strategic locations)

– EV Infrastructure and operators

– EV fleet (private and public)

– EV dealers and service providers


EVS (Electric Vehicle Symposium) is the leading international event to address all the issues related to electric mobility. The various components of electric mobility will be on display, from markets to vehicle battery technology (hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell), from motorcycle to trucks and from charging facilities to related services and public policy.   


Pioneering in the electric mobility and a world leader in the production of ultra-fast chargers

Efacec is celebrating one year after the opening of its electric mobility dedicated facilities last year. This investment materializes the strong commitment of the company in this sector. In a period of just 12 months, Efacec’s electric mobility area turnover grew up about 100%, reaching an amount of 36 million euro, and more than a hundred people were recruited to strengthen the team dedicated to this business unit.

Efacec offers a full range of electric vehicles chargers for private, public, fast, ultra-fast and wireless segments.

These new electric mobility dedicated facilities materialize the company´s continuous commitment to R&D, innovation and to product engineering and it is aligned with Efacec´s 2020 Strategic Plan, which is the basis for the new cycle the company started in October 2015. This approach allowed Efacec to launch new projects, namely integrated storage solutions, integrated solutions (hardware and software) for home and fleet charging, charging solutions for truck fleets and to evolve the range of high-power solutions.

The company actively participates in the largest markets for electric mobility, especially in Europe and the United States. Efacec is also attentive to other markets such as Asia, Latin America and Oceania, leading the sector in some countries in the region.

With a comprehensive presence in the value chain of Energy, Mobility and Environment, Efacec acts as a solution provider, EPC contractor (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and O&M service partner. Efacec is present in strategic markets such as Europe, the United States of America, Latin America, Asia, Middle East, Maghreb and Southern Africa.