From 20th to 23th October, the city of Porto will host the 25th edition of EuroDoble, a forum for sharing best practices for managing European power networks, power stations and industrial sites. Nuno Silva, Efacec’s Director of Technology and Innovation, will make the opening address under the theme “Responding to the Future Grid’s Challenges”, which is the main theme of this year’s edition of EuroDoble.

Nuno Silva, says: “The electrical grids worldwide are being challenged in its operation and planning by the integration of large-scale intermittent renewable energy sources (either centralized or decentralized) and the electrification of the mobility of persons and goods. These challenges open opportunities for the development of new solutions and technologies to respond to these new realities”.

Efacec and Doble Engineering Company, the promoter of this forum and a leading company in the development of sensors and digitalization solutions, have been working, since 2018, in partnership to develop management solutions for digital assets.

With a long track-record as energy solutions provider, Efacec and Doble have been working together to develop technology that provides data in a timely manner from power transformers, enabling a faster and more efficient decision making. The achievements reached under this partnership will allow customers to get information at all stages of the equipment life cycle, minimizing possible failures and obtaining a better return on investment made in the transformers’ management.

Both teams have thus created a range of digital condition monitoring and diagnostics packages to meet the needs of all customers in major energy segments, including transmission, distribution, renewable energy, industry and power generation, combining relevant and synchronized information with a specialized analysis and high-quality services.  The solutions have been designed to be fitted to existing or new power transformers, to help to better understand the real condition of power transformers while enabling optimized management of their performance.

Efacec’s participation in EuroDoble 2019 includes the presence of company staff as speakers, namely Américo Guerreiro, Head of Cybersecurity, with a speech dedicated to big data and cybersecurity (The importance and challenges of implementing cybersecurity on a multi-nation, multi-business, century old company); Rogério Paulo, Head of PAC Division, who will attend a session related to protection and control (Digital substation architectures today and future outlook); and Cipriano Lomba, Coordinator of Technology & Innovation, who will talk about smart cities (The key to decarbonize the future).

EuroDoble’s 2019 last activity scheduled will be a visit to Efacec’s facilities, with a special emphasis on the transformers production plant.

With a comprehensive value chain, Efacec acts in the generation, distribution and transmission of energy; design, energy, construction and maintenance of integrated systems (EPC – Engineering, Procurement and Contracting) for the energy, environment, industry and railways sectors; and development of Electric Mobility solutions and their commercialization. Efacec Group is present in strategic markets such as Europe, the United States of America, Latin America, Asia, Maghreb and South Africa.