With an eligible investment of about 2.7 million Euros and a ERDF incentive of about 1.6 million Euros

Led by Efacec, the NEXTSTEP – NEXT distribution SubsTation improvEd Platform project aimed to develop a prototype Transformer Station with technological solutions applicable to the next generation of Transformer Stations (PT), namely the expansion of automation and the Smart Grid concept to the Low Voltage (LV) distribution network, in favor of its resilience.

Supported by COMPETE 2020 under the RDT Incentive System, the project NEXTSTEP: NEXT distribution SubsTation improvEd Platform involved an investment of about 2.7 million euros and a ERDF incentive of about 1.6 million euros.

The project was concluded in November 2021 with the closing session held in the centre of Arts and Shows of Figueira da Foz, beneficiary region of the equipment and technologies developed under the project.

As a leader and co-promoter, Efacec participated in the project with three business units: Automation, Transformers and Medium Voltage Switchgear.

The project involved two business entities and three entities from the National Scientific and Technological System (SCTN). Efacec, together with Eneida, the Institute for Systems and Robotics of the University of Coimbra, INESC TEC and ITeCons brought together the experience and expectations of the industry, and the knowledge and scientific capacity that the SCTN entities bring to the project, aiming at the creation and application of new scientific knowledge, with demonstration in the LV distribution network of EDP Distribuição, the partner entity.

For Vasco Ferreira, Product Manager at Efacec, “This is a challenging and wide-ranging project, due to the partners involved and the various technological fields, which demonstrates the ability of Portuguese companies and scientific institutions to join in common objectives to create value through Research and Technological Development.  The transformer station that has now been installed, incorporating EcoDesign standards, is another of Efacec’s contributions towards greater energy efficiency and sustainability”.

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