Two long-standing, trusted industry leaders team up to drive digital asset management forward

Efacec, a leading provider of critical power transformers and Doble Engineering Company, announced at this year’s CIGRE that they have joined forces to bring a comprehensive and modular digital asset management solution to the power and utility industry. The two companies have been trusted providers of highly customized solutions in the global transformer community for decades and by working together they will help power and utility organizations manage risk more effectively.

“Doble Engineering and Efacec both have long histories of delivering intelligent, reliable solutions for the power industry and we are very excited to be working with the Doble team in addressing the data and asset health challenges faced by global utilities,” said Ricardo Ribeiro, manager of asset management and digital transformation at Efacec. “By getting valuable and scalable data insights at every stage of the transformer lifecycle, teams will be much better equipped to protect against risk, avoid asset failure, and overall get a better return on investments in their transformers’ health.”

“In the world of big data, the real value comes not just from capturing the critical insights, but from making the data actionable. That’s what drives high performance and protects against risk,” said Bryan Sayler, president at Doble Engineering Company. “Together with Efacec, we are bringing reality into asset health management by providing meaningful transformer data in a timely manner that equips teams to make sound, data-based decisions around asset health.”

The flexible and scalable joint offering includes monitors for dissolved gas analysis, such as Morgan Schaffer’s range of Calisto analyzers, direct hot-spot measurement by embedded fiber-optic sensors, partial discharge and Doble’s world-leading bushing monitor. Other analog and digital contextual data can be integrated for more informed decision making through an aggregator such as the Efacec Smart Aggregator doblePRIME iO. Efacec and Doble Engineering Company can also provide a centralized data management solution that gives a comprehensive view of the entire asset fleet via Efacec System Point and dobleARMS®.

This new solution boosts asset management of power transformers to a new level by combining relevant, synchronized asset health data with expert critique and high-quality condition-based field services. The entire system is designed to fit with existing or new power transformers and will help teams better understand the real condition of their transformers while enabling optimized performance management.

With more than 70 years of experience, Efacec holds a leading position in the power transformers market. The company build, manufacture and install these critical components for customers around the world, always with dedicated field force and support. Adding to all this, Efacec has a considerable knowledge of shell, core and mobile transformers designs, characteristics that are an additional quality assurance to the company’s customers.

With a comprehensive value chain, Efacec acts in the generation, distribution and transmission of energy; design, energy, construction and maintenance of integrated systems (EPC – Engineering, Procurement and Construction) for the energy, environment, industry and transports; and development of Electric Mobility solutions and their commercialization. Efacec Group is present in strategic markets such as Europe, the United States of America, Latin America, Asia, Middle East, Maghreb and South Africa.

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