Mutares and the Portuguese government have just concluded the deal to acquire the Efacec group, ending a privatisation process that has been complex and long, but which always had in mind the objective of ensuring the future and continuity of our activity. With recognized experience in technology and engineering and a unique portfolio of international companies in the most varied segments, Mutares will bring the right capital structure so that Efacec can resume its leadership position in the market, namely through rigorous operations’ management and a product development cycle that is intended to be increasingly agile.

This is the time to accelerate the ongoing transformation process, where our experience and talent, combined with rigorous management and execution, will be the pillars of a future that promises a redoubled capacity to put into practice what we do best.

On this important date, two important realities come together. A global energy agenda for the coming years, which calls for decarbonisation and in which Efacec participates with its specialised knowledge and experience, is joined by the financial strength of a multinational group, listed on Frankfurt’s Stock Exchange, with a diversified and, in some segments, complementary portfolio. This combination makes Efacec the right company at the right time.

Thus, in the year in which we celebrate 75 years since Efacec foundation, we have the right conditions to resume and energise our business to the fullest.

An achievement that would not have been possible without the cooperation and talent of all our stakeholders, in a process in which the contribution of each one of you was very important for the whole. Thanks to the trust and resilience that everyone showed, we overcame this long and arduous process, showing that Efacec is made up of people that, within a spirit of continuous cooperation, constitute a house full of talent, courage and determination.

We extend our deepest thanks to all Efacec teams, as to our partners and suppliers, and former shareholders, namely Parpública, who has always been by Efacec’s side and willing to find solutions to ensure the group’s viability.

With you, a more certain tomorrow begins today.

Ângelo Ramalho
CEO, Efacec Power Solutions
November 2, 2023