The Municipality of Matosinhos attributed the Golden Medal of Merit to Efacec for its contribution to the economic and social dynamization of the municipality. The distinction was received by the CEO of the company, Ângelo Ramalho, at the Solemn Session, which took place in the Hall of the Town, regarding the celebrations of the 45th anniversary of April 25th and of the 500th anniversary of the attribution of the Leça do Balio’s Charter.

Being the largest exporter of the county, Efacec has 2300 employees, 2000 of which are in Portugal. The company is recognized as one of the economic engines of the country and, in particular of the North region, with a positive impact on the generation of jobs. Efacec is also known for the generation of products and raw materials flows and for the design of solutions with added value that are exported to more than 90 countries.

Efacec has two industrial centers in Portugal – one in Arroteia, Matosinhos, which is the headquarters of the company and where the units dedicated to Energy Products are located – and another in Maia, dedicated to the areas of Electric Mobility, Automation, Transport and Environment. Efacec also has a service center in Lagoas Park, Oeiras, where the Energy and Environment unit is located. The portfolio of the Portuguese company is organized in three segments: Energy, Mobility and Environment, and eight business units.