Efacec is once again the only Portuguese company at Formula E, the world’s largest fully-electric street racing championship, organized by FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile), which will start its 7th season this weekend in Saudi Arabia. For the third consecutive season, Efacec is DS Techeetah’s partner, team of António Félix da Costa and Jean-Éric Vergne, winning drivers at the last three editions of the championship. The presence at Formula E has contributed to reinforce the Efacec’s position as a leading company in the value chain of mobility, energy and environment.

For Efacec’s CEO, Ângelo Ramalho, the overall view of these three years of partnership with DS Techeetah is an extremely fruitful one. “Besides the success at the race, which we are all proud of, Formula E is an innovation, technology and development ecosystem, fully aligned with Efacec values and its focus on developing sustainable mobility solutions, that streamlines day-to-day life for everyone while contributing for the decarbonization of our society and economy”, says Ângelo Ramalho.

Since the beginning of the company’s affiliation with this championship, in 2018, Formula E has been a showcase occasion for Efacec’s skills in electric mobility, having had the opportunity to carry out projects in some countries that have hosted the championship, such as Monaco, France and Germany. “For Efacec, the presence at Formula E is an opportunity to introduce and develop its products in depth, in an innovative and cutting-edge technology environment for a global audience, and to leverage multiple opportunities that this partnership provides concerning business, technology and brand”, states Ângelo Ramalho.

From a sports point of view, Efacec has been present in the latest individual and collective DS Techeetah victories, highlighting the Portuguese driver António Félix da Costa, 2020 winning champion, a historic milestone for national and international sports. “We hope that the team can reach an equal performance in Season 7 and we will do everything to contribute to the success of the team this season”, says Ângelo Ramalho.

Félix da Costa attended Efacec’s event “To The Future, Fast”, held on February 25th, in which the company showcased to the national and international markets its new electric mobility solutions, comprising the design of more sustainable and well-prepared for digitalization and Industry 4.0.

The driver reviewed the evolution of electric mobility implementation in motor racing, and the importance of designing more sustainable solutions that accelerate a paradigm shift from fuel to electric. Highlighting Efacec’s support to DS Techeetah, the world champion stated that last year’s victory was only possible due to his team and partner’s support.

Pioneer in the electric mobility sector and a world leader in the production of fast and ultra-fast chargers for electric vehicles, Efacec offers a full range of electric vehicles chargers for private, public, fast, ultra-fast and wireless segments. Among Efacec’s main electric mobility customers, there are some of the world’s most renowned automobile manufacturers, charging infrastructure operators, utilities and Oil & Gas players.

The company actively participates in the largest markets for electric mobility, especially in Europe and the United States. Efacec is also attentive to other markets such as Asia, Latin America and Oceania, leading the sector in some countries in the region.

With a comprehensive value chain of Energy, Mobility and Environment, Efacec acts as solution provider, EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Contracting) integrator and O&M (Operations & Maintenance) service provider. Efacec Group is present in strategic markets such as Europe, the United States of America, Latin America, Asia, Middle East, Maghreb and Southern Africa.