The third General Assembly (GA) of the Association Alliance for Energy Transition (AATE) was held on December 18 at AATE’s headquarters in Arroteia, Matosinhos. It was attended by a large number of representatives of AATE’s Members, who are also co-promoters of the ATE Agenda – Alliance for Energy Transition.

The main focus of the GA was the election of AATE’s new Governing Bodies, which will represent the members for the next three years and will accelerate the process of empowering the Association, with an experienced operational team to ensure operational management, communication and the acceleration of disruptive businesses on the ATE Agenda.

As a result of the elections, Efacec will lead AATE’s Board of Directors, together with INESC-TEC and ENEIDA; INEGI and ENGING were appointed to the Board of the Assembly; and SONAE MC as the Statutory Auditor.

The new Governing Bodies affirmed their commitment to rapidly empowering AATE with the people and technological tools appropriate to the enormous challenge of implementing the various ambitions of the ATE Agenda.

ATE is an Agenda of the Component C5 of the PRR – Recovery and Resilience Plan and is composed of a network of 80 partners, mobilizing a total of 52 companies and 28 entities from the Research & Innovation System.

The consortium aims to capitalize on opportunities to create value in the context of Decarbonization, Decentralization and Digitalization of the Energy sector, promoting, in Portugal, a competitive national ecosystem that is unique on an international scale.