Contract over 45 million euros will produce 30 tons of liquid biogas (LBG) per day and will treat 300,000 tons of organic matter per year.

Efacec was awarded with an important contract with the Swedish Scandinavian Biogas Mönsterås, a subsidiary of Scandinavian Biogas Fuels International AB strengthening its positioning in Scandinavia.

After having built, in the Environment area, the largest biogas plant in Europe, in Korskro, in 2019, Efacec was also present in major projects in the Transportation area. Metros in Denmark and Norway and level crossings in Sweden, the latter awarded the Red Dot Award in 2021, are important international references.

The winning project consists of the conception, supply, assembly, testing and commissioning of the Mönsterås Biogas Production Plant. Efacec participates in a Joint Venture, with the Swedish construction company Multibygg Sydost AB, for the execution of the contract. The scope of Efacec corresponds to more than 30 million euros, equivalent to 66% of its participation in the overall value of the contract, with the remaining part falling to the Swedish partner.

The biogas unit will be built in Mönsterås Municipality, in the county of Kalmar Sweden, meeting a growing need for decarbonization. Trough the conversion of organic matter into renewable and sustainable energy, achieves a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GEE).

The project was conceived to treat approximately 300,000 tons of organic matter per year, mainly of manure from cow, pig and chicken, transforming it into biogas and biofertilizers.

From the biogas upgrade unit (BUP) and liquefaction, the plant should produce approximately 30 tons of liquid biogas (LBG) per day and 120 GWh per year, with a view to its use as transportation fuel for heavy vehicles.

Efacec consolidates its position as a relevant player on the international level in the renewable gas sector and in particular in the biogas segment, offering key and customized solutions for its clients, with a special focus on research and technological development that it anticipates solutions for a more sustainable world. By participating in this project, Efacec still reinforces its position as a national and international reference company committed to contributing to the decarbonization of the economy in line with its purpose designing a smarter future for a better life.

In the Environment area, Efacec offers integrated solutions that range from the conception and development of projects and system operation, especially in the areas of renewable gases (biogas and hydrogen), in the area of waste and effluent valorization, through water and waste treatment plants, complementing the portfolio with process control, monitoring and automation systems.