With a contract worth more than 2 million euros

With solid know-how in the area of the environment and in providing integrated solutions, Efacec was responsible for the contract job to improve Suldouro’s sorting station in Sermonde – Grijó, created to increase the line’s capacity to 4.5 tonnes per hour and maximise the automation of the process for waste from selective collection (plastic and metal packaging).

Committed to sustainability, Efacec ensures in this project, as in all its interventions, responsible management of operations with a view to protecting the environment and preventing pollution, by developing eco-friendly solutions. To this end, Efacec promotes the constant improvement of its processes and solutions by identifying and assessing environmental risks in all areas in which it operates, mitigating negative impacts.

The construction work involved a contract worth over 2 million euros and was inaugurated today by the Chairman of Suldouro’s Board of Directors, Miguel Lisboa, and was attended by the Minister of the Environment, João Pedro Matos Fernandes.

Over the last year, Efacec supplied and assembled all the electromechanical equipment and electrical and automation installations, commissioning, start-up and verification of performance guarantees.

Efacec’s intervention will allow increasing the response capacity of waste sorting for the project horizon by increasing the processing hourly output; increasing efficiency in the separation of target materials and, consequently, increasing the recycling rates of these materials as well as improving hygiene, safety and environmental conditions in operational processes, compared to manual sorting conditions.

For Fernando Vaz, Efacec’s Executive Director, responsible for Operations, “This is another benchmark project for Efacec, the second major project with Suldouro that took place under very challenging conditions and that was only possible with close collaboration between all companies and other partners involved, particularly with Cimave. It is a project that makes us very proud, fully aligned with our Purpose “Creating a smarter future, for a better life” and of the utmost importance for the national recycling targets to be achieved”.

For Miguel Lisboa, Chairman of the Suldouro Board of Directors: ” these investments allow us to affirm that Suldouro is committed to meeting the country’s demanding targets and that the new investment cycle 2022-2024 will allow us to continue with the ambitious goals defined for the management of waste and resources”.

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