The Water Treatment Station of Ait Massaout in Morocco, built by Efacec for the Office National de l’Életricité et de l’Eau (ONEE), was the winner of the PT Water Global Awards in the “Contracts” category. The awards distinguish the performance and internationalization of Portuguese companies in the water sector and are an initiative of the Portuguese Partnership for Water and the Water and Environment Journal.

Ait Massaout’s ETA was developed by a Portuguese consortium led by Efacec’s Environment Business Unit, responsible for the design and execution of the electromechanical works. With a capacity designed to treat 140,000 m3 / day, the infrastructure includes several treatment steps such as pre-chlorination, coagulation tanks and flocculation of sand filters and lamellar decanters.

Recognizing the quality and merit of Efacec’s projects, ONEE has just awarded an ozone plant to the Bourgueg water treatment plant, which feeds the capital Rabat and Casablanca, the largest ETA in Morocco, with a treatment capacity of almost 800 thousand m3 / day.