Photovoltaic Self-Consumption Project in Portugal produces around 3,200,000 kWh/year of renewable energy, thanks to the installation of 4,086 solar panels on around 4,000 m2 on the ground

Efacec finalized another project for The Navigator Company to carry out the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of a solar photovoltaic power plant under the self-consumption regime, renewing a successful partnership that began in 2016.

With an installed capacity of 1.89 MW, the project, finalized this month, promoted the installation of 4,086 solar panels on around 4,000 m2 on the ground, which started producing around 3,200,000 kWh/year of renewable energy to be self-consumed at one of The Navigator Company’s Setúbal mills.

This energy production is equivalent to the consumption of 1,327 electric cars travelling 20,000 kilometers in a year and avoiding the emission of 1,187 tons of CO2.[1]

The Navigator Company, an integrated producer of forestry, pulp, paper, tissue, sustainable packaging solutions and bioenergy, has stepped up its commitment to solar energy. To date, the Company has completed five projects in the field of self-consumption solar photovoltaic power, with investment totaling 4.7 million euros. The Navigator Company has thus reaffirmed its commitment to bringing forward by 15 years, in line with national and European targets, the carbon neutrality of its industrial complexes, which will allow it to have all its mills carbon neutral by 2035 and to achieve, by that date, a reduction of 86% in its CO2 emissions.

Video made by Navigator’s Internal Communication

The project was developed for the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of a self-consumption solar photovoltaic power plant in Setúbal for Navigator, based on Efacec’s experience and expertise in this area of activity, particularly in projects already developed with Navigator, including the installation of the first 2.2 MW Setúbal plant, which benefited the client in terms of consumption savings of 3. 100,000kWh/year, with production and self-consumption, as well as with the installation of the Espirra power station which achieved 187,000kWh/year (targets met).

The Navigator Company is today one of the world’s leading players in the pulp and paper sector and is regarded as a benchmark for quality. Responsible for sustainable and certified management of 107,310 hectares of forest, the Company is also Europe’s leading producer of bleached eucalyptus pulp and the largest European producer of printing and writing paper (UWF).

Efacec stands out nationally and internationally in the photovoltaic energy sector, offering competitive advantages through turnkey solutions (EPC – Engineering, Procurement and Construction), with the possibility of including equipment manufactured in house, guaranteeing quality and reliability in the solutions presented. In this sense, the Portuguese company also provides a complete assistance service (through the O&M division), personalized and with more guarantees than the market. It currently has, in backlog, projects in Europe, Latin America and Africa. Sustainability is one of the strategic pillars, and Efacec invests in R&D to foster the development of innovative solutions.

[1] Emission factor 371 gCO2/kWh