Efacec’ s entry into the Italian market is marked by the signing of a contract in the Switchgear area with e-distribuzione, the largest power distribution company in Italy belonging to the Enel Group, leading integrated player in the global power and renewables markets and the world’s 1st privately-owned distribution system operator.

Amongst the other suppliers awarded in the public tender launched by the Enel Group, Efacec was appointed a 20 million contract to cover the supply of 2,300 medium voltage cells (used to control, protect, and insulate electrical networks), of which around 300 are equipped with SF6 free technology (does not use harmful gases). The solution stands out for its technological innovation and strong contribution to carbon neutrality. Efacec is in the process of completing the approval of the medium-voltage cells, which is scheduled for the first half of 2022.

The project represents Efacec’ s effort to design products with less environmental impact, thanks to the use of the SF6-free switchgear technology for medium-voltage distribution networks, contributing to make power grids more sustainable.

The Portuguese company is committed to contributing to a better, cleaner and safer planet, as well as supporting the world’s largest energy operators in achieving their sustainability goals.

As part of its technology program, Efacec has invested in homologation and certification processes in the last year, in customers and markets with high technical demands, such as the Italian market. As an example, the Portuguese company recently launched the neoGEN solution, an innovative range of modular switchgear for SF6-free secondary distribution.

António Andrade, director of Efacec’ s Switchgear Division, highlights: “This contract is of the utmost importance, since it is our first major project in this country, and it proves the recognition of Efacec’ s excellence beyond our borders. Italy is an important market and one where we are proud to have a significant presence from now on”.


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