Efacec BU Automation is glad to announce the ADMS4LV project, supported by the P2020 incentive program to the Portuguese Industry, to continue the development and demonstration of an Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) for Active Management of Low Voltage grids.


Managing the low voltage grid constitutes a significant challenge for Distribution System Operators (DSO) and the next step in utility operational performance, addressing higher QoS and KPI demands from regulation and users.

The low voltage (LV) grid is a very large infrastructure in continuous modification, with limited register, supervision and control. Furthermore, Distributed Energy Resources (DER) are emerging as a solution for low carbon challenges, requiring and effective change of the grid management paradigm.

Together with our partners’ knowledge and background as well as state of art technologies such as Cloud, Big Data, Mobility and Machine Learning, Efacec has and is evolving an ADMS system that is scalable and capable of fulfilling the DSO challenges of today and tomorrow.

Within the project field pilot several ADMS features will be demonstrated:

  • Information management
  • Event correlation and aggregation
  • LV fault detection
  • Non-technical losses detection
  • DER flexibility management
  • Smart electric vehicle charge management
  • Advanced human machine interface

The ADMS4LV project is lead by Efacec with the cooperation of the Portuguese DSO (EDP Distribuição) and the R&D Institution INESC-TEC Porto. It is co-funded by the P2020 program.

About Efacec BU Automation

Efacec is a Portuguese company with a strong exporter profile and geographical footprint in more than 65 countries. Efacec is present in the development of infrastructures for important sectors of economic activity: Energy, Environment & Industry, Mobility & Transportation.

Part of Efacec Group, Efacec Automation focuses on engineered solutions for protection, control and management of electric power networks. Through the development of its own advanced technology and the expertise gained through over 30 years of system implementation experience, Efacec BU Automation operates globally, focusing strongly on Europe, North and South of Africa, Middle East, India and Latin America.

About EDP Distribuição

“Part of EDP, a reference energy player in Europe, Brazil and USA and the 4th renewable energy company worldwide, EDP Distribuição is the Portuguese DSO serving 6 million customers and accountable for strict QoS and regulation requirements. It is responsible for planning and O&M of the national distribution grid, public lighting infrastructure, and market support infrastructure.

Investing more than 200M€ yearly and delivering 43,86 TWh, EDP Distribuição has its eyes on the future with a streamlined organization, motivated team and is actively facing challenges such as smart meter rollout and rapidly increasing dispersed generation, big data and cybersecurity, operational efficiency and security of supply.”