The Medio Mundo region, in Peru, is the first Latin American site to have in full operation an Efacec substation with a fully digital automation system. This installation ensures the stability of the electric network, and guarantees a safe power supply to vast areas of the country. Located 175km North of Lima, on the High and Very-High Voltage lines corridor, the digital substation was delivered to Enel Peru, under Automation, Protection and Control contract.

The 220/66 kV digital substation project concerns the growing power demand in the Medio Mundo region, allowing to meet the lines voltage contingencies between the substations of Huacho, Supe and Paramonga Nueva. It will improve the quality of life for over 100 thousand houses in Norte Chico de Lima, contribute to the progress of the region and sector development.

The technology employed in the project, with a digital architecture at process level based on Efacec CLP 500 SAS platform, is highly innovative, with a strong impact regarding a more efficient performance on operating or corrective actions, decreased restoration time as well as decreased lead times during construction or in case of new expansions. For this digital substation, which uses 80% less copper cables and increases the safety features for staff by reducing risk, Efacec also provides permanent system monitoring, remotely operated, with high levels of cybersecurity.

This is one of the first Enel digital substations in Latin America, with an architecture that is based on an optical fiber network linking the control room equipment (station-bus network) and another one linking the primary equipment (process-bus network), and has been in partial service since October 2019, on the 66kV voltage level. In December 2020 the 220kV voltage level came into operation, interconnecting with Peru Transmission System Operator substations, therefore completing the integration of the Huacho-Supe line and Huacho-Paramonga line in the national network.

In 2008 Enel Peru (then EDELNOR) started the process of automation of its electric substations, the first one being the command, control and protection system supplied by Efacec for the Chillon 220/66 kV substation. Since then, Efacec has supplied the technology and substations automation, control and protection systems to several companies of the Enel Group in Latin America. These projects consist of premium support to the continuous improvement of these energy networks, confirming the trust bestowed to Efacec solutions and engineering, as well to the company skills on implementing complex projects.

With a comprehensive value chain of Energy, Mobility and Environment, Efacec acts as solution provider, EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Contracting) integrator and O&M (Operations & Maintenance) service provider. Efacec Group is present in strategic markets such as Europe, the United States of America, Latin America, Asia, Middle East, Maghreb and Southern Africa.