Efacec, together with COMSA and MUNCK, won an international tender for the construction of the Odense Light Rail in Denmark. In this consortium Efacec is responsible for carrying out the entire electromechanical components of this project.

The project has a value of nearly 47 million euros for Efacec, which reflects the dimension and the integration of solutions that will be provided by Efacec.

The Odense Light Rail will have 14 kilometers of line, 26 surface stations, a command center, 14 vehicles and 51 crossings. It is expected to carry 35,000 passengers daily and is planned to be operational by 2020. Until now, this is the light rail project that integrates the widest amount of Efacec’s services and capacities. Traction substations, catenary, signaling, communications, public information, video

surveillance, telephony, vehicle location and fleet management and the control center will all be Efacec’s responsibility. Efacec was the company chosen, due to the technical and financial superiority of its proposal, in what was a very long and competitive international tender, that involved the largest international players in the sector.