Efacec received the CIGRE (*) working group on March 6 and 7 in an action that promotes the sharing of know-how and experiences on engineering technological development in the production, transmission and distribution of electricity, in which participated numerous professionals and distinguished specialists of the most prestigious manufacturers of large transformers of some utilities of reference of the energy sector (ABB, REN, Hannover University, Toshiba, ESB Ireland, Burns & Mcdonnell).

Efacec has taken a very active role in the initiatives that CIGRE has launched since 2017. It has been part of the A2.59 working group on the assembly, repair and implementation of high voltage tests at the site of high power transformers.

The challenge has been immense and increasingly recurrent, in the sense that there is a growing demand for solutions that allow the assembly, maintenance and / or repair of transformers without total or partial displacement of the same.

There are numerous obstacles in the exceptional transport of heavy loads and the need to install ever bigger and more powerful machines in difficult to reach places, has made Efacec develop technologies and solutions that would overcome these constraints and without the need to develop new infrastructures, with greater profitability for customers.

Work sessions have already been held in Tokyo, Toronto, Krakow, and this 4th session was held at Efacec’s facilities in Porto.

The final outcome of the work will be released in 2019 through a publication of a brochure as well as a tutorial that will be a reference to most stakeholders in the energy sector and will be the basis for future standardization.


CIGRE  – International Council on Large Electric Systems, is a non-profit, non-governmental International Association founded in 1921 dedicated to the development of the power supply industry through the identification and development of solutions for the industry.