Project for the design, construction and maintenance of Telematic Systems that allow 13 million trips per year in the municipalities of Coimbra, Miranda do Corvo and Lousã

Efacec is once again a reference in sustainable electric mobility, with a new project for Infraestruturas de Portugal, S.A. (IP) and Metro Mondego, S.A. (MM), which will contribute to decarbonisation and the sustainability of local mobility in the Portuguese central region.

The Mondego Mobility System (SMM) is a public transport system for passengers, of the Metrobus type, carried out in road mode, fully electric and in its channel, which will circulate in urban and suburban environments, reducing noise levels and improving the air quality of the entire surroundings. It will be implemented in the municipalities of Coimbra, Miranda do Corvo and Lousã in a 42km extension, distributed in two lines with 41 stations, ensuring up to 13 million trips per year.

The contract provides for a seven-year partnership, between technological development, construction and consequent maintenance, covering the design and construction, for 22 months, of all the telematics systems, which include, among others, the SAE (Operation Support System) systems, operation support data network, passenger information, time synchronisation, video surveillance, traffic lights, road signs and on-board telematics systems for 40 vehicles. Five years will be dedicated to the consequent maintenance of the Mondego Mobility System.

“Efacec is proud to be able to contribute, once again, to the development of sustainable mobility in Portugal and to be able to significantly improve, through our projects, the quality of life of millions of Portuguese people. We put our knowledge and experience in technological development in structuring areas for society at the service of people, as is the case of Mobility, but also Energy and the Environment, and this makes us a truly unique company at a national and international level”, says Ângelo Ramalho, Chairman and CEO of Efacec.

The telematics systems developed by Efacec result from the combination of telecommunication technologies with its software, allowing an integrated, efficient and safe management of the new Metrobus network. This technology guarantees the operator complete control of the systems and safety for users.

The project reinforces the portfolio developed for Infraestruturas de Portugal, which spans over 50 years and reflects the confidence placed in Efacec technology and the execution capacity of its teams.

The supply of technological solutions for metro-rail projects is one of the main areas of activity of the Portuguese company, which has been developed together with important international players and in several markets, with a special focus on Northern Europe.
Efacec is currently participating in the construction of Phase 4 of the Bergen Metro (Norway), the Sydavnen Line of the Copenhagen Metro (Denmark), the renovation of the Dublin Metro Command Centre (Ireland) as well as the extension of the Yellow Line and the new Circular Line of the Porto Metro (Portugal).