The NewDimensions (P2020) innovation project is in its final phase of implementation by Efacec, which has had as its goal increasing functionalities and improving Efacec’s Control Centres solution for railways and metros, increasing their flexibility, automation capacity and safety. INESC Tec is also participating in the project.

It has been developed a parameterisation/automation module for the management of public information at metro and train stations, which allows pre-parameterised rules to be added, making the system more autonomous of human interventions and more reactive, increasing the quality, both in content and in time of the information presented.

Also, it has been developed, within the project scope, a “machine learning” module with the aim of providing the necessary information to the maintenance teams to carry out effective predictive maintenance. This module collects the information available on the status of the different components and applies on them the same algorithms to analyse their failure predictions.

Additionally, in the security component it has been parameterised a module with the objective of detecting possible cyber-attacks threats on the computer network, looking for strange patterns and/or behaviours and generating the respective alarms.

All this work has been carried out with the main goal of migrating/adapting the platform to a Cloud environment, which has been increasingly requested by clients.