Efacec, world leader in the production of ultra-fast chargers for electric vehicles will share its vision about the future of different ways of mobility, its consolidated know-how in the development of several projects worldwide and will share its point of view about new business models in the forum “The Future of Mobility Summit”.

Held by Bloomberg in February 4th and 5th in San Francisco, USA, it will bring together industry, finance and policy leaders in the energy and transport community to discuss the future of mobility.

Ângelo Ramalho, CEO of Efacec, will be speaker in the panel “EV Charging Infrastructure Business Models”, a session dedicated to electrified transport and the emergence of new business models for the EV charging eco-system. “For Efacec, take part on this international forum, dedicated exclusively to discuss the future of mobility, is an opportunity to share our experience in the field of the mobility, not only as an active player in the design and development of innovative technology solutions but as well to share our view about how extremely fast mobility is evolving every day”.

Pioneer in the electric mobility sector and a world leader in the production of fast and ultra-fast chargers for electric vehicles, Efacec offers a full range of Electric Vehicles Chargers for private, public, fast, ultra-fast and wireless segments. Among Efacec’s main electric mobility customers, there are some of the world’s most renowned automobile manufacturers, charging infrastructure operators, utilities and oil&gas players.

Efacec is among the exclusive group of brands chosen to carry out several breakthrough projects in Europe and North America due to its commitment to deliver solutions in the world’s biggest and most demanding electric mobility markets, based on technological innovation, delivery capacity and commitment. Our large expertise in the technology associated to EV products and a multi-year investment in R&D, made it possible to conquer the confidence of the biggest worldwide players, across several continents.

Other major international projects were to Efacec, of which the following stand out:

  • Electrify America (USA), an ambitious charging infrastructure projects, which aims at creating an extensive network in the country;
  • British Petroleum has selected EFACEC to be the supplier of the pilot project in Germany, EFACEC will supply 10 HV350 for the 5 biggest Aral service stations in Germany.
  • EFACEC has supplied to Thailand 9 QCbus 90 to a bus project in Bangkok area for EGAT. This project was done with our local distributor Polytechnology Co., Ltd.
  • Ultra-E (Europe), a project launched by a consortium that includes Allego, to create a pilot ultra-fast charging network in Europe. This project will be followed by the Mega-E project, which is comparable in size to Ionity;
  • Shell – First fast-charging project by this company, which choose Efacec to supply the chargers. The first stage of this project was already launched in 2017, with implementation essentially in England and Netherlands. This project is developed in partnership with Allego.
  • Transport of London (England), a project to install fast chargers to serve consumers and, in particular, the new taxis, which will all become electric in the city of London;
  • São Paulo – Rio de Janeiro connection (Brazil), a project by EDP Brasil and BMW, for the installation of fast chargers along the Nova Dutra motorway. Other contracts were awarded in Brazil, such as partnership with Volvo and Jaguar Land Rover for private charging
  • Several projects in Germany, in partnership with Innogy;
  • Several projects in Scandinavia, in partnership with Garo, with highlight to Volvo and Fortum Charge & Drive;
  • Several ultra-fast charger orders for automaker laboratories, some of them still in the confidentially stage;
  • Several orders for fast chargers for fast chargers from Nissan, to be installed in Europe;
  • Implementation of Charging Point Management system for CEM in Macau, China, together with several charging points, including fast chargers. In the neighboring Hong-Kong we have provided a few fast chargers to HK EV Power, one of them currently installed in the world’s longest sea crossing bridge connecting Zhuhai in mainland China to Hong-Kong;

Efacec inaugurated in early February 2018 its new facilities dedicated to electric mobility. This new plant, which incorporates the best practices from the technology and engineering domains, has been designed for a large-scale production and will play a strategic role to supply several projects with the new state-of-art EV ultra-fast chargers.

Also, mid last year Efacec have entered into a three-year agreement with DS Techeetah Formula-E Team, recognizing that being involved in the world’s premier all-electric street racing series presents a unique opportunity to show case and develop our products in a deeply innovative and high-tech environment to a global audience and to leverage the multiple B2B opportunities that this partnership entails.

The company actively participates in the majority of European countries, with emphasis on the largest electric mobility markets, such as Germany, England, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, France and Portugal, but also in Eastern Europe. In the American continent, the United States market, the largest share of the total business, stand outs widely. Efacec is also attentive to other markets in particular Asia, Latin America and Oceania, and is already dominant in some countries in these markets.

With a comprehensive presence in the value chain of Energy, Mobility and Environment, Efacec acts as a solution provider, EPC contractor (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and O&M service partner. Efacec Group is present in strategic markets such as Europe, the United States of America, Latin America, Middle East, Asia, Maghreb and Southern Africa.