The second Switchgear Industrial Unit was inaugurated on 23 November in Nashik, Maharashtra state.

Four years after the opening of the first unit, where we mainly developed equipment for the secondary distribution – Fluofix and Normafix – and their components, such as SF 6 switches and controls, the facilities began to prove to be insufficient considering India’s potential as supplier of common parts.

The need to evolve in the primary distribution – Normacel, QBN7 and MV Circuit Breakers – in order to deal with the growth trend of demand in this segment, along with the recently launched REVAC, acted as trigger points for the implementation of the new industrial unit with about 7.000 square meters and 2800m2 of covered area. The area is divided into three identical naves, one to assemble Normafix 24 and 36kV, the central nave for Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers and reclosers, and the third nave for Normacel and QBN7 respectively.

India’s strategy consists essentially in configuring the common platform of a particular product, which can later be customized to the final customer in the different Switchgear assembling lines  – Portugal, Spain, Argentina or Czech Republic -, thus covering a set as broad as possible of Customers and markets.