The two companies launched a new network of electric chargers for business fleets, on September 13th, under the Lisbon Mobi Summit initiative. This project, which has technology developed by Efacec, gives a clear answer to the growing needs of consumption and the challenges that are currently imposed on cities.

The pilot now installed next to the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT), which provides two new fast chargers in Lisbon, marks the start of this network of e-hubs that EDP intends to extend to more locations.

Also, in partnership with Efacec, EDP is developing a solution for shared condominiums and car parks, which will be available during the first quarter of next year. This solution will allow differentiating the consumptions related to the electric charges of the remaining consumptions of the condominium, facilitating the payment by each user.

Efacec and EDP also established a partnership to continue developing charging and electric mobility solutions, as well as technology solutions for the residential and business customers of both companies. With this partnership, Efacec and EDP will share projects and business opportunities, in the various markets in which they are, to accelerate the transition to a more electrified society.


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