Solar Solutions

We provide solar inverters, high-performance photovoltaic plants developed in-house, energy management solutions
and storage solutions optimized for renewable


We produce and develop a wide range of product and solution for photovoltaic plants. EFASOLAR products assure the best Plug & Play solution for network DC connections. The advanced inverter EFASOLAR allow adaptation to the requirements of your project and may also be added system monitoring and control, ensuring an after sales service.


The energy storage solutions optimization energy storage performance and profitability for all applications. The centralized energy storage systems on a large scale, is a fully integrated solution for network connection. Our converter is designed for storage applications, enabling highly flexible and high performance solutions for any type of applications and systems.


We join our expertise in power electronics and automation for network support to provide the best surveillance solutions for photovoltaic plants. EFASOLAR Power Plant Controller and EFASOLAR Monitoring are very flexible solutions and can provide any kind of control algorithms to meet the project requirements. These solutions can integrate other generation systems, such as Hydro, diesel, wind, energy storage and others.


Hybrid EFASOLAR system is a specially designed platform for hybrid solutions with the capacity to integrate different energy sources (diesel, photovoltaic, electrical grid and energy storage) in a single control platform. EFASOLAR self-consumption is developed for self-consumption systems where control functions can be added, such as protection active feed-in and reactive power compensation. Both solutions can be installed in an existing installation or new projects without affecting the design of other systems.