Project Description


Battery Inverter 500/630/730/1000

Engineered to ensure the best integration of energy storage system on the grid, providing control features to smart energy management for large scale systems.

The integration of large-scale energy storage systems in electric power grids is becoming further relevant. This type of solution can be advantageously used in different segments, from renewables grid integration, hybrid systems stabilization to distribution/transmission grid ancillary services.

The Efacec Storage Converter Station is a fully integrated solution for grid connected power conversion from battery energy storage systems, creating an entirely optimized station for storage applications, allowing highly flexible and performant solutions.

Características e Vantagens

  • 4 quadrant of operation
  • Grid support capability
  • Extended grid support functions
  • Real time management
  • Compatible with several battery technologies
  • Flexible battery interface
  • DC & AC protection
  • Extended support using Efacec international structure