Project Description


EFASOLAR Easy Management

Integrates all PV plant data to a rapid diagnosis minimizing OPEX. Designed to operate in any PV power plant with all EFASOLAR inverters and EFASOLAR controllers for a fast diagnosis.

EFASOLAR Power Plant Controller, as a complete PV Power Plant monitoring and control solution, acts as a valuable tool to the power plant operator,  ensuring a more reliable and optimized operation and maintenance plan with recognized benefits in the short and long term.

This solution is based on the strong experience held by Efacec on distributed platform for automation, control and monitoring solutions, implemented in major electrical system power plants and integrated in major electrical grid command centers, providing the user with high confidence levels on system
availability and reliability.

Features and benefits

  • User-friendly interface
  • Customizable solution
  • Integration with all EFASOLAR controllers and inverters
  • Local, remote and worldwide access
  • Full dynamic power monitoring
  • System management
  • Allows commands operations
  • Integrates other digital and/or analogue signals