Project Description


EFASOLAR 100/100T/250

Design for decentralized photovoltaic plant architectures and self-consumption.

The EFASOLAR range is represented in the lower power segment by the models of EFASOLAR 100T, EFASOLAR 100 and EFASOLAR 250. The EFASOLAR 100T model has an output power of 100 kW, with an integrated isolation transformer. The EFASOLAR 100 and EFASOLAR 250 are  transformerless models intended for use in installations connected to the medium voltage grid.

Features and benefits

  • Design for LV and MV grid connections
  • EFASOLAR 100T has an integrated isolation transformer
  • AC and DC connection in the same cabinet
  • Reactive power compensation at night
  • High efficiency
  • High availability and reliability
  • All protective devices and features are included
  • AC & DC protection