Project Description

Series 450

Sub-Transmission and Distribution Protection and Control

The Series 450 protection and control IEDs are designed for sub-transmission and distribution applications, offering a range of fast, reliable and field-proven protection functions combined with control, measurement and monitoring. The product is available in three variants, according to the main protection function, enabling the user to select the best solution for each application scheme.

Product range includes protection functions for line, transformer, switchgear and other assets, featuring algorithms such as differential, distance, current, voltage and frequency together with control, supervision, recording and monitoring.

High configurability via flexible digital and analogue I/O configurations, advanced user-programmable functions and a comprehensive library of selectable built-in firmware functions allow the user to adapt the device to different substation topologies, as well as distinct protection and control schemes.

Full integration in the Automation Studio toolset allows straightforward engineering throughout the system life-cycle without compromising user requirements.

  • Combined protection, control, measurement, monitoring and recording
  • Field-proven protection functions
  • Six zone distance protection with mho or quadrilateral impedance characteristics
  • Line differential protection with option for in-zone transformer
  • Compliant with IEEE C37.94 standard for remote end communication
  • Two or three winding transformer differential protection with optional restricted earthfault function
  • Fully customizable mimic diagram in the local HMI
  • Eight setting groups
  • Designed according to the latest edition of IEC 61850
  • Template based configurations
  • IEC 61131-3 logic and PLC programming
  • Multiple communication options
  • Automation Studio toolset for engineering
  • Secure protection and control solution
  • Easy to specify, configure, troubleshoot and maintain
  • Designed for sub-transmission and distribution grids
  • Reliable and secure IED
  • Web-based interface