Project Description

ScateX# EMS

Network Manager

The latest installment of the long running network SCADA solution from Efacec that scales to large SCADA networks; advanced DMS or EMS applications for electrical transmission, distribution or generation; railway and metro integrated management applications or supervision of technical infrastructures; including operator training systems and field crew management, among others.

ScateX+ EMS

For power generation and transmission companies ScateX# Energy Management System provides a real-time and high performance solution that drives systems efficiently, reliably and securely while providing enterprise decision makers with online process and energy information.

ScateX# EMS combines SCADA operations with advanced applications including conventional and renewable generation planning, automatic generation control or contingency analysis, that constitute invaluable tools for network operators. Its open platform further enables the integration of third-party components and systems such as energy market interface or asset management systems.

  • Unified and powerful operations user interface
  • Full set of power management applications
  • Fully integrated real-time OMS application
  • Operator training system
  • System historian
  • Flexible and scalable platform
  • Open and modular infrastructure
  • Advanced engineering system
  • Seamless application and systems integration
  • High availability and cyber-secure product platform
  • Immediate situation awareness and intuitive real-time operation
  • Improved system reliability and quality of service
  • Optimal asset and resource utilization
  • Straightforward deployment, integration and maintenance
  • Deliver real-time process and operations information throughout the organization
  • Tailor-made solutions to meet the exact needs of each project