Project Description


Vacuum Circuit Breakers

REVAC was designed to integrate an automated power distribution system. Reliability on distribution network is enhanced when integrating this equipment. Failures can be detected and isolated by the device and the network can be reconfi gured from the control centre or based on distributed intelligence. This type of technology enables to increase the service quality and to reduce the cost associated to outages and line-crew dispatch.

REVAC has three poles, each one with the corresponding vacuum interrupter in an epoxy casing. Each pole has its own actuator mechanically connected by an axis that assures the synchronisation between them. A lever outside the equipment enables to trip manually.

REVAC circuit breakers, developed to operate outdoors (pole mounted), were designed to face all environment conditions, easily assembled and easy to use.


  • Flexile
  • Reliable
  • Remotely controlled
  • Long service life (10 000 mechanical manoeuvres)
  • Ideal for adverse environmental conditions
  • Compact equipment design
  • Simple and fl exible installation
  • Adapted to any type of pole assemblies
  • Few mechanical parts, minimal maintenance
  • Prepared for smart automation of distribution networks