Project Description


Compact Mobile Substations

This is the most recent High and Medium Voltage Switchgear solution, which combines current technologies and equipment with signifi cant network experience.

The main feature of this solution is mobility. It is composed of generating equipment, low and medium voltage solutions all integrated and incorporated into a container specifically prepared for this purpose. The indoor space w as carefully studied in order to ensure a better performance of the equipments as well as the full safety of the complete solution. A full exterior customization is also possible in accordance with the customer’s specifications and image.

  • Emergency medium voltage supply system equipped with:
    • Medium voltage solution up to 36 kV
    • Generator up to 1250 kVA (standard)
    • LV/MV step-up transformer, single voltage or double voltage
  • Semitrailer (optional)
  • Medium voltage cable winders (optional)
  • MV metering equipment (optional)
  • In keeping with all applicable standards and regulations, ensuring a full operational safety
  • The container-type construction allows for easy transport (road, sea or railway)
  • Ventilation adequate for the installed equipments
  • Turnkey solution
  • Possibility of customizing an exterior image according to the Customer’s specifications