Through the development of its own advanced technology and the expertise gained through over 30 years of system implementation experience, our focuses on engineered solutions for the control and management of electric power networks. Based upon a philosophy of innovation and differentiation, Efacec Automation continually demonstrates a strong integration capability, supported by the diverse technological competencies acquired through our long history.

We operates globally, with worldwide activities in its Strategic Markets making use of local production, engineering, technical support and commercial assets, according to the needs of each specific market. Its activity focuses strongly on Europe and Brazil, as well as other target markets that include Maghreb, Southern Africa, Middle East, India and Latin America.

We design, develop and deliver solutions in accordance with certified management systems that are distinguished by the use of innovative technology to carefully fulfil our client’s requirements and exceed their expectations.

We provide products and solutions for electrical power grids, transportation, cities and industry & utilities.

Systems Automation

Provide products and solutions for electrical networks, rail systems, infrastructure management and other applications.

Transmission and Distribution Grids and Power Generation

  • Smart Grid Solutions
  • Network Management Systems (SCADA/DMS/EMS)
  • Telecontrol and Operations Management Solutions
  • Substation Automation Systems
  • Renewable Energy Power Plant Automation
  • Condition Monitoring and Infrastructure Management
  • Distribution Automation
  • Protection Relays


  • Railway Electrification Management Systems
  • Infrastructure Technical Supervision and Operations Management
  • Substation Automation Systems

Cities, Industry & Utilities

  • Telecontrol and Operations Management Solutions
  • Substation Automation Systems
  • Protection Relays
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Solar Inverters

We provide flexible photovoltaic solutions and high-performance for energy production facilities. Using the latest power electronics technologies, the product portfolio includes high-performance solar inverters, fully integrated PVStations, Control Solutions and Energy Storage Systems.

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Power Systems

We develop a wide range of equipment in direct current from 12V; 24V; 48V; 110V … and 5A to 4000A. We have also created Control and Supervision Systems that allow greater facility of operation and interface: PSM, miniPSM and EFAPOWER SNMP. These CC systems integrate the range EFAPOWER CIB.

Our UPS range divides in: Monophasic (300VA to 10kVA); Tri- Mono (5kVA to 30kVA) and three-phase (10kVA – Modular Innovative Solutions).

Aiming at railways and light trains, we project and built Traction Rectifiers from 750V, 1500V and 3000V.

We also have an extensive experience in the manufacture under license Static Converters Traction Electric trains (embedded devices)

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Space Projects

The focus of Efacec in the international market just with its strong investment in innovation led to work in the aerospace context in which they reside skills in the areas of electronic design, structural design, thermal design, radiation analysis, systems integration, specialized shopping search and support units on earth.

Efacec already has several reference projects in the Aerospace under which the production of unique equipment is made according to the space missions where they are integrated.

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