Project Description


Vertical Break Disconnectors

This rotating vertical break disconnector is intended for outdoor installation. It is composed of three insulators, two of them fi xed (support) and a switching rod. Operation is made by means of motor control and, optionally, can be supplied with manual control, motor, local or remote control.

Closing and opening operations are made by rotation (SVN) or translation (SVL) of the switching rods and mechanisms, which rotate the blade around the shaft itself during opening/closing and rotate it in a vertical plane during the transition between the opening and closing positions.

  • Up to 245 kV
  • Up to 50 kA (rms)/3150 A
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • IEC/ANSI certifi cation
  • Seismic-resistant
  • Ice-resistant
  • Supply option with earth switch included